2 dogs found frozen, 1 survives

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - Two dogs were found frozen Saturday to mud near a river on Trace Road.

Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) employees spotted the two dogs underneath a bridge. When they arrived, they saw one was already dead and they took the other into their shelter.

SCAR president, Heather Williams said, "We named her MaryAnn. We were able to get her warm. We're treating her skin conditions. She had frost bitten areas on her feet and she was emaciated, just in very rough shape. We feel like based on where she was, somebody probably dumped her out. We see that quite frequently when there's an illness with the dogs. In this case, she had a terrible skin condition. People get overwhelm for whatever reasons and they can't treat it. Instead of surrending them to a shelter, they put them out in the country."

Williams said MaryAnn is eating every day and getting better.



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