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Auto burglary tips

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg has had numerous auto burglaries over the last few weeks.

The Hattiesburg Police Department provided some helpful tips to its citizens.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, "Don't give the criminal the opportunity. If at all possible, number one, make sure your doors are locked on your vehicles. Number two, don't leave things just laying out where the criminal can see them, because if they walk by and see it, they'll take that chance on breaking that window or check the door handle just to see if it's unlocked. So, if you're out at a shopping center and you make purchases and you're going somewhere else, put them in the back where they're not readily seen. Or if you don't have a trunk or space available, take some kind of blanket and cover it up."

Traxler also said when you get home, remove all of your belongings from your vehicle and put them inside your home, and to lock your doors as well.



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