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Officials find 25 dogs and 17 horses in 'deplorable' conditions

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - The Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded to 529 Sandhill Church Road on an animal call Wednesday. Officials found 25 dogs and 17 horses in deplorable conditions.

"Deputies arrived at the property to find 13 dogs and puppies roaming freely on the grounds. Seven more dogs were locked in cages without food or water. They were in deplorable conditions" said Spokesman Allyson Knotts with the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

Knotts said, "Another puppy was later found injured on the property. A neighbor reported he found a dead horse that had been dragged across the roadway onto another person’s land."

Deputies contacted Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) to remove the dogs. Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS) assisted with the removal and housing of the dogs and is currently in their immediate care.

SPAS Manager Ginny Sims said, "What we found were deplorable conditions, we found dogs in various state of undernourishment, with old and new injuries, some were lose and at large, some were confined to pens without the appropriate care that they needed.”

“Addressing some of those medical needs, we are moving them to a stable point where they can find their new homes, because that is what we want, for them to never have to know that life again" said Sims.

Knotts said, "Miranda Parker was contacted and came to the property. She surrendered all but 2 dogs. Parker stated the horse had fallen and broken its neck on another property of hers and brought it over to the Sandhill Church Road property to be buried."

Officials said when Parker was questioned about the horses she said she had 17 and their conditions “weren't great”.

On Thursday deputies responded to 25 Abb Holifield Rd and found 17 horses. A court order was obtained for Homeward Horse and Hound rescue to seize those horses.

An additional court order for Southern Pines Animal Shelter to seize 5 dogs at Parker’s residence at 23 Burnt Bridge Road was also obtained.

Parker agreed to surrender those dogs said Knotts.

An investigation of the circumstances surrounding this case continues and charges are forthcoming. FOX 23 News will bring you the latest as the story continues to develop.

If you would like to donate to Southern Pines Animal Shelter you can click here.



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