FEMA evaluates damaged homes

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - FEMA, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and others went to neighborhoods near William Carey University Tuesday to assess the homes that were damaged.

Emergency Management director, Glen Moore said, "What FEMA is looking to do is to confirm our numbers that we sent up to the state yesterday. So, hopefully after we get this process done, the next thing would be is to get a federal declaration."

Over 1,100 houses were affected by the storm. And of those 1,100, around 550 were severely damaged or destroyed.

"The first thing that strikes me is just the grace of God that there wasn't more people hurt and killed. I mean you look at some of these houses, it's completely destroyed. And you listen to the stories of people that was here the night the tornado came through, it's just amazing that there wasn't anymore people hurt or killed than what there was," said Moore.

Moore said he is confident they will receive a federal declaration within the next couple of days.



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