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FGH Chief of Police receives 'Kindness in Action recognition, serving kids overseas

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - This week's kindness in action highlights a man who dedicated his life to help children overseas.

Since 1999 Wayne Landers, former Chief of the Hattiesburg Police Department, now Chief of Forrest General Hospital Police Department, made it his mission to help deliver gifts in shoe boxes to kids in third world countries.

Landers said, “It just is an opportunity, through very little effort, to reach children around the world, who may have never receive a gift before, and give them hope and joy."

"Let them know that someone cares about them and loves them, and you know that they have a chance to make it" said Landers.

He is part of an organization called Operations Christmas Child led by Samaritans Purse. It brings good news of God's love to children who are affected by poverty, war, and genocide.

Landers and his team work year round, and double time months before Christmas to facilitate the Southern Pine Belt region. Landers manages 13 relay centers to ensure kids have a gift to open during the holidays.

“Every day we take things for granted that we are blessed with, you know?" said Landers.

He continued, "If you make $2 or $3 a day and you have a place to live, you are one of the world’s most elite, most of the children that get this, have nothing.”

Landers serves as a messenger in the Southern half of Mississippi, he is a shepherd for kids overseas. “I do not do any of this for recognition, I just do it because I feel like I am led to do it" Landers said.

"I get so much more out of it, than I put into it, it just a blessing to me to know that there are kids around the world in terrible situations that are getting a gift" he added.

It is a small little box, but with a big message that someone like Landers cares for a child he has never even met.



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