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Wayne county churches raise money to help purchase new deputy guns

WAYNESBORO, Miss. - Wayne county churches are supporting their local law enforcement agency. Five churches raised $2,000 that will go towards 10 new guns for 10 full-time deputies.

Sheriff Jody Ashley said its been more than 20 years since the department purchased new guns.

Currently deputies including Sheriff Ashley have to use their own guns while on duty. "We need to change this, make it better for this department" said Sheriff Ashley.

Sheriff Ashley said having mix-matched older guns can be lethal in certain situations. "You want your officers to have the same guns, and the same ammunition if you’re in a gun battle" he said.


He added, "You have got to have the same ammunition clip if you run out, which is a 40, you want your partner to have a 40 too.”

Sheriff Ashley thanks the churches who support the Wayne County Sheriff's department. The department is currently working on grants to purchase new guns for all of its deputies. However, local churches will continue to raise money for new guns.

In March of 2016 local churches raised up to $60,000 for new bullet proof vests and body cameras.



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