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How to deal with determination letters from FEMA

PINE BELT, Miss. - Some citizens who were affected by the tornado have registered for assistance with FEMA; however, some might not have received acceptance letters.

FEMA external affairs, Ken Higginbotham said, "People are getting these denial letters or they're really called determination letters, because saying denial has some type of finality to it. It's not the end. It could've been a glitch in the system, something may have been entered that shouldn't have been entered, or something that should've been entered wasn't entered. If you get a letter or notification of denial or determination, simply stop by at one of the two disaster recovery centers. We have experts that can look up your particular case and find out what the situation is."

Higginbotham said people can go to the Petal Civic Center or the C.E. Roy Community Center for an appeal.



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