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DREAM of Hattiesburg teaching teens about drug prevention

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Dream of Hattiesburg is teaching Pine Belt high school students about drug prevention Friday.

Around 200 students from 7 different high schools participated in an interactive workshop where they can engage in learning about different topics, such as, bullying, suicide, social media messaging, and drug prevention.

This year's speakers Frankie Johnson and Andre Heath discussed ways high school students can overcome negative influences.

DREAM of Hattiesburg Youth Leader Cynthia Whaley said, "They want them to take away, that make sure that you do the right things right now, so that your future, can be good."

Whaley continued, "...And that, alcohol and drugs you do not need that in your life to be like happy, and have relationships with people and everything like that.”

To learn more about DREAM of Hattiesburg you can click here.



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