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Former NFL wide receiver, Harold Jackson reflects on his career

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg native and former NFL All-Pro wide receiver, Harold Jackson enjoyed a luxurious pro career as he stacked up 579 receptions, over 10,000 receiving yards, and 76 touchdowns in his 16 years of playing.

He spoke about his career and what he sees in the current game today.

"I didn't have that dream until I got to college, because being 149 lbs, you know I had no idea that I would go to the next level until I started getting letters, questioners, and all that stuff when I was at Jackson State. And, I had my wall plastered with every team in the NFL. And, I said, 'wow, there might be a chance.' So, then I started putting a little bit more time into it, and I said, 'size don't mean anything, it depends on the heart.' So, that's when I started working at it. I got the opportunity when the Rams drafted me. I enjoyed my 16 years. If I had to do it all over again, I'll probably go back and do it the same way, because it was really good to me," said Jackson.

"They're protecting the guys a little bit more. When you go up and catch the ball, they seem like they give you a chance to catch the ball before you get hit. Back during my time, they'll close line you and all 11 guys on the other side of the ball get a chance to hit you. And, if you get a concussion, back during then, they'll give you a little smelling sauce, and then put some fingers up there and say 'how many fingers?' You'll see them waive their hand in front of you and they'll put you back in the ball game. But, now, you get a concussion, they're protecting the guys a little bit better," said Jackson.

Jackson was recently inducted into the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Hall of Fame.

Jackson played for the Rams, Eagles, Seahawks, Vikings, and Patriots. And, he was well-known for his speed as he ran a 4.3 40-yard dash.



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