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Laurel council members approve salary raises for 2018 administration

LAUREL, Miss. - Laurel council members approved to raise the salary for the 2018 city council.

The council voted Tuesday to approve salary increases for incoming elected officials.

"State law says that you cannot give yourself a raise, so you will be giving the raise to the next administration" Magee said.

They mayor will receive a $5,000 increase and council members a $1,500 raise.

Mayor Johnny Magee said he is working to raise the salary for city workers too.

“As this year has begun our sales taxes are back up, they are increasing" said Magee.

He added, "We are hoping that by October 1st of this year, we will be able to increase the employees raises, that is what we are striving to do.”


Mayor $70,000 to $75,000

Council President $18,500 to $20,000

Council Members' $17,500 to $19,000

Magee said if the funds are not available by July 2018 officials will not take the salary increase.

The raise is projected to take effect July 2018.



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