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Out of state college students help build a new home for a local family

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Students from Purdue University and Anne Arundel Community College are on spring break working with Hattiesburg's Habitat for Humanity to help build a new home for a local family.

New homeowner, Diana Pickering said, "I am so excited. I am blessed beyond measure to have a group that have come miles away from home on their spring break to help us build our first new home."

Students are working hard to make sure Pickering and her three kids have a beautiful house that they can call home.

"I feel like African American children need to be protected and treated with respect. And, they need to grow up in an environment where they can grow to their maximum potential, so they can be who they are without stress and strife. Her getting this house would not only be great for her as a mother, but she will be providing shelter for her children. So, that they can grow up to be successful African American leaders in the future," said Titilayo Ogunduyilemi, Anne Arundel Community College student.

The Jones County Leadership Group raised nearly $70,000 for this house to be built. And, Habitat for Humanity is not only grateful to them, but to the students as well.

Michael Pascarella, Habitat for Humanity’s executive director and construction manager said, "I think it just shows a big maturity level of students in college to go somewhere else and help. And, it's just big for us. It's huge."

Pascarella said Pickering and her children should be able to move into their new home by the end of the month.



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