EXCLUSIVE: 'American Sniper' wife discusses 'American Wife' book

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Taya Kyle the wife of fallen veteran, Chris Kyle, whose life is told in the 2014 Academy-Award Winning Motion Picture and New York Times Best Seller, American Sniper, is The Spirit of Women's guest speaker.

The event was hosted by Forrest General Hospital at the Lake Terrance Convention Center Thursday. Taya discusses her book American Wife which tells her family's story.

American Sniper is the story of a talented U.S. Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who served four tours in Iraq. In 2013 Chris was unexpectedly killed by a veteran he was trying to help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Taya wrote American Wife after numerous inquiries about her intimate life from the popular book and movie.

“Love, war, some kind of struggle, is the battle that they are fighting, and they need faith and renewal just like everybody else" Taya said.

She added, "That common ground has been really something special to me, that I can go out and talk about. Hopefully give pieces of my story that resonate with other people.”

After her husband's murder, Taya works as military family activist with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. She said the goal is to honor God, the country, and serve the marriages of those who serve.

"The marriages, the spouses, they are forgotten about a lot of times, and they are the ones that aren’t necessarily living their dream and they are the ones that are carrying a heavy load" she said.

Taya continued, "I think most service members that I know, will always say that they get it, and they respect the spouse so much, but sometimes the community does not get that.”

There is no specific message Taya wants people to take away from her book and American Sniper. She said everyone is fighting a different battle and she hopes they find what they need in her family's story.

Taya is a speaker at numerous venues and serves as a political commentator.



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