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Church members celebrate 11th Annual Cross Walk

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Church members from Crosspoint and New Seasons carried a cross for 6.8 miles Friday along Highway 98.

Around 45 members participated in the annual Cross Walk. Pastor Dean Register of Crosspoint said this is a way for members to remember Jesus Christ and his sacrifices.

Each walker took turns to carry the wooden cross for at least 100 yards on their backs as they walk through Highway 98.

Walkers started from Chick-Fil-A all the way to Crosspoint Church near Highway 589. Pastor Register said he wants drivers to realize Easter is more than just bunnies and eggs.

“And it’s a demonstration of what Jesus did for us on the cross, I mean He paid a sin debt he didn’t owe because I had a sin debt that I couldn’t pay" said Pastor Register.

He added, "So this is a demonstration of what He did for us on Good Friday.”

Church members were escorted by Hattiesburg Police Department and the Lamar County Sheriff's Department for safety purposes.



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