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Ole Miss' Rebel Road Trip stops in Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. - Ole Miss Athletics was at the Laurel Country Club Wednesday for its Rebel Road Trip and got to meet hundreds of fans.

Ole Miss Athletic Director, Ross Bjork said, "We've done the Rebel Road Trip now for six years in a row and we never made it to Laurel. We've been close, Newton and Hattiesburg. But, not made it to Laurel. What a boomin' town this is and obviously the new show 'Hometown' is helping that buzz. But, so many Ole Miss Rebels down here that it's our obligation to come down here and look everyone in the eye and tell them thanks for their support."

Although Ole Miss' football team has a self-imposed bowl ban for the upcoming season and are currently being investigated by the NCAA, the fans still remain loyal.

"The best thing about Ole Miss is that people care. They love the university. They love the students. They love the charm, and the aura, and the traditions of Ole Miss. And, I think it's our job to come out and bring all of this to the people. I love seeing the passion, and a packed room like this keeps us inspired," said Bjork.

Ole Miss' next stop will be in Tupelo.



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