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Secretary Hosemann encouraging residents to vote in municipal election

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Secretary Delbert Hosemann visited Hattiesburg to encourage residents to vote in Hattiesburg's municipal election.

“This is literally where the rubber meets the road" he said. Secretary Hosemann said residents should not think twice about voting.

“Why wouldn’t you go vote? I mean there will be very short lines" said Secretary Hosemann. He added,"These are the people that are going to run your city for the next 4 years. There is no reason not to go vote.”

Primary elections begin next week and he does not understand the low voter turn-out during municipal elections.

He continued, “And even if you did not think it was important, whether or not you had police protection or fire protection, or if the streets were ran right, or if you had water at your house."

"You ought to think about the people today in Syria. Now how would you explain to them it wasn’t important for you to cast a ballot?”

He hopes this election will not run into voting issues compared to the last Hattiesburg election.

“And so we had a subsequent election and Mayor DuPree was elected in the second round, in the second election for Mayor."

"We do not want to do that again, the first general election should be the only general election" he added.

Secretary Hosemann said they are making sure individual poll workers are properly trained.

If necessary, primary run-off elections will be held May 16. The general election on June 6.



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