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City Council approves 5-0 to raise sewer costs for Providence community

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Hattiesburg City Council approved 5-0 to raise sewer costs for the Providence community Tuesday morning.

Last year city council passed a sewer rate hike for non-Hattiesburg residents. President Carter Carroll said its now put into effect for the Providence Homeowners Association.

“Today we approved the contract with Providence Homeowners Association to accept their sewer. And we are charging them twice the amount of what we would charge the person for the city of Hattiesburg.”

According to the agreement, "Hattiesburg agrees to accept and treat all volumes delivered by and from the utility company."

Carrol said its a win-win situation for the city and non-Hattiesburg residents. “We can get rid of their waste for much less than they would themselves" said Carroll.

He added, "And it helps the city of Hattiesburg to lower their costs with the sewage.” The council expects other non-Hattiesburg Associations to soon follow.

“The others will follow when their contracts are up for renewal, this was just the first one for renewal" Carroll said.

According to Carrol the rate hikes are currently in effect.



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