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LPD recovers stolen guns from a domestic call

LAUREL, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department responded to a domestic call last Friday at the Super 8 Motel, but soon realized there was more than a domestic altercation.

Corporal of narcotics, Jake Driskell said, "They ended up taking suspects, Eric Holifield and Debra Bonner into custody. Holifield was arrested for possession of heroin along with a domestic charge. Bonner was also taken into custody for some misdemeanor charges."

Police said those two stole a F-250 truck from Louisiana. Holifield also stole 11 guns, power tools, and a TV from someone's home in Louisiana and gave them to his friend, Rodgers Quin Walters to sell in Laurel.

"We typed two search warrants. One for Mr. Walters’ home and one for the business he had connections with. At the business, we located a TV and some power tools. Once we confronted Mr. Walters about that, he did come clean on the guns and told us he can get us the guns back," said Driskell.

Police said 7/11 guns were soon returned to the Laurel Police Department.

Police also said they arrested Joseph Evans who bought the other four guns, and eventually found those.

Holifield and Bonner are currently awaiting extradition back to Louisiana. Walters and Evans are facing trafficking charges in Jones County.

Police said all 11 guns are worth around $12,000.



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