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Laurel city council approves $4 million bond, increasing water, sewer rates

LAUREL, MS. - Laurel City Council approved 5-0 for a $4 million dollar bond that will help repair the city's aging water and sewer system Tuesday.

Mayor Johnny Magee said, "Its old and rusted pipes, crusted pipes, they were made out of cast iron."

He continued, "Some of them were made out of clay, so over time they get old and they cause leaks.”

Magee said the increased rates will help pay off the $4 million dollar loan and the completion of the project could take up to 25 years.

“We usually increase the water by 3% every year, which is usually about .70 to .80 centers per year" said Magee. "Then we can go borrow $4 to $5 million dollars to work on the system.”

He said the $4 million dollars will not solve the aging water and sewer system right away.“But it will continue our quest to replace all the water and sewer lines in the city" said Magee.

"We had an estimate a few years ago that it would take $100 million dollars to replace all the water and sewer lines, so since we cannot do it all at one time, we do it in small increments as we can" he added.

Residents of Laurel should expect minor traffic delays while workers repair the old system underground.



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