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Family Loses Tools, Keepsakes In Structure Fire

JONES COUNTY, MS - The following is a press release from Jones County Volunteer Fire Department.

A family lost potentially thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment, as well as family keepsakes in a storage building fire Tuesday afternoon.

Pleasant Ridge Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene on Tressie's Lane and found the structure completely destroyed.

According to the homeowner, he had been burning brush around the structure but believed the fire was out before he went to the other side of his home, out of view of the structure. His son saw the smoke and alerted him that the storage building was on fire.

The homeowner quickly rounded the corner of his home to see heavy black smoke bellowing from the cracks of the door to the building.

He realized that it was too late to try to salvage anything from inside the building and proceeded to move a nearby truck, as well as other equipment that may have been in danger.

He and his wife grabbed a water hose to attempt to wet areas around another storage building near the fire, as well as their home.

Although he wasn't entirely sure how the structure caught fire, he stated that it likely burned quickly because he had diesel and other fuel stored inside.

In addition to the loss of tools and equipment, the homeowner stated that a wooden handle hammer that belonged to his father was inside and was saddened by the loss of that keepsake.

Although the structure was collapsed, firefighters still performed overhaul to ensure the fire was completely out and prevent it from potentially spreading elsewhere after leaving the scene.

No injuries were reported.



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