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Local mother recognized for Kindness In Action, helping other families grieve loss

HATTIESBURG, MS. - This week's Kindness In Action is Debbie Thomson of Hattiesburg. Thomson is a mother of three who lost her 17-year-old youngest son, Quin, in 2013.

In the same year her son died, Thomson was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer just after her father died in the Spring.

Thomson started a support group one year later for parents who lost a child.

“Get up and start getting better, I said give me one good reason why I shouldn’t go and be with my child" said Thomson.

Her cancer took a turn for the worse. Doctors told Thomson she was not responding to any medication. At that time Thomson said she had no reason to live.

She said, “I realized I was being selfish, I did." Thomson added, "And that is one of the things that we encounter with new people that come in, they want to be with their child, that is certainly understandable.”

Her support group started with just herself and has grown into at least 100 members. Thomson said it is unfortunate the group is growing, but the support is there.

“And what we tell them is, if you respect that child, and you respect that child’s life then you owe it to their memory to live their life" said Thomson.

She added, "To live your life to the fullest extent and find as much joy and peace as you can, it is not going to be easy."

"The life you thought you had is gone" said Thomson. Everyday is challenge for Thomson, but despite her grief she continues to wake up and live another day to help more parents.

If you or anyone would like more information on Thomson's support group you can email her at

The group meets Tuesdays once a month at the Hattiesburg Clinic.



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