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Bellevue 'surpasses' signatures, filing petition to become new MS city

BELLEVUE, MS. - The Bellevue community announced at the Lamar County Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday it will file to become an official city.

The proposed mayor of Bellevue John Adcock said Bellevue needed two-thirds of the registered voters inside of Bellevue to file the petition.

According to Adcock it took his supporters 20 months to reach that unspecified number.

“It is my pleasure and my privilege that we have surpassed that mark, and we will be fighting that petition to become the newest city in the state of Mississippi, the city of Bellevue" said Adcock.

Becoming an official city can stop Hattiesburg's annexation plans from taking Bellevue's revenue and commercial sales tax.

Adcock said, “Well it is in litigation obviously in Lamar county, but we are certainly moving forward to have our case consolidated in the Hattiesburg annexation case.”

Board Supervisor Philip Carlisle said he supports Bellevue's decision of becoming its own city.

“It is already an established area, I think what you will see is, some people do a comparison with Madison" said Carlisle.

Carlisle said Bellevue becoming its own city can help the county's budget.

“I think you will see upscale developments, I think you will see increased property values as we go forward, which can increase our budget" Carlisle added.

Officials will file the paperwork Friday at the Lamar County Chancery Court.



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