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Laurel celebrates HGTV's Home Town season finale

LAUREL, MS. - The city of Laurel and its residents celebrated the finale of HGTV's Season One of 'Home Town'.

Residents watched the live viewing at the downtown Arabian Theater.

The show focuses on one couple, Ben and Erin Napier who both restore historic homes to its former glory, while showcasing the beauty of Laurel.

Cast members and officials said it was a fun season and great way to portray Laurel's small town charm to the nation.

Jim Rasberry a frequent cast member said, "Awesome just awesome picture, of what Laurel is all about."

He added, "And we have been able to capture that inside the show and share that with millions of people every week, and its really cool.”

Executive Director of Laurel Rogers Museum of Art, George Bassi said since the show aired tourism has increased in Laurel.

“We come across on television as a wonderful hometown it’s really anybody’s hometown" said Bassi.

"If you grew up in any small town across America, I think they can relate to Laurel. We also want them to come visit, we hope that can happen with the show" Bassi added.

Laurel residents said they are excited for Season Two.



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