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R3SM encourages locals to volunteer

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The devastating EF-3 tornado from January still has many damaged homes needing to be repaired.

Recover, Rebuild, Restore South Mississippi (R3SM) has had dozens of out-of-state volunteers help fix these houses, but not many local volunteers.

Volunteer coordinator, Chris Adams said, "If you had local volunteers who are willing to come in once a month or every other Saturday, it helps keep things moving along as opposed to waiting for three weeks from now for a team to come from California or three weeks after that for a team to come from some place else."

Over $400,000 was funded to R3SM to help repair and rebuild houses.

As of now, R3SM is working on three houses, but have nine more listed to be fixed.

"The good news is for now, money isn't the issue. The issue is the labor. And that should be something the community should be able to fix," said Adams.

Adams said people do not need to have experience in repairing houses to be a volunteer. She also said many homes need roof repairing, which requires the help of contractors.

"When one will do that, then perhaps another would take that challenge, and then another and another. I know if I was paying to get my roof done, I would go to the guy who's willing to give back to the community that way," said Adams.

If you would like to volunteer with R3SM, you can call (601) 544-5115.



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