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HPD addresses recent armed robberies

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - There have been five armed robberies at convenience stores in the last month and a half.

Hattiesburg Police said there was an armed robbery Thursday morning at the Family Dollar Store.

Police have arrested Aaron Pinder, 50, for five counts of armed robbery.

Police are currently investigating these crimes, and they say there are more arrests to be made.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Cpt. Branden McLemore said, "At this time, we're hoping that these groups that we've actually arrested, we're hoping that this will put an end to these series that we've actually encountered. This is not normal for this to continue; however, as you may know in the past recent years, we've always had a series of robberies. And each time we come after them. The public, we want you to know that we are looking for each and every endless possibility, and we're not going to stop and rest until these people are brought to justice."



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