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Mayor Barker evaluates city departments to build strong administration

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Newly elected Mayor Toby Barker said he is evaluating city positions to build a strong administration.

Mayor Barker said building a team will take awhile and he is looking at each department.

“Building a team is going to take several months, we want to pick the right person, so we’re evaluating departments now, and who is there" said Barker.

He added, "And we are opening up for other folks to apply as well. And so we are going to go through that process and take a really hard look and make sure that we look at it one time, so that the citizens of Hattiesburg, get the best possible service moving forward.”

Council unanimously approved 5-0 on Ann Jones as Chief Administrative Officer, Kermas Eaton as City Clerk, and Randy Pope as City Attorney.



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