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Sheriff Hodge serves new role

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - Jones County Sheriff, Alex Hodge has recently been elected to the National Sheriffs' Association's Board of Directors.

Sheriff Hodge will serve a three-year term on a 22-member board.

"I'm just honored to be able to serve the people of Jones County and certainty my opportunity to serve on a national level. Whatever the costs is will not nearly outweigh the benefit of being around a table with all of the nation's sheriffs who are dealing with the same issues that we're dealing with. I think working together we certainty can continue making a great difference," said Sheriff Hodge.

The National Sheriffs' Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving professionalism in law enforcement.

Sheriff Hodge will meet with the board of directors twice every year at the summer and winter conferences, and hopes each meeting will benefit local communities.

"My daddy always told me, he said 'All you have is your name son. And you only get one shot at that.' So I've taken that very seriously. I have a foundation and that foundation is service. Serving the people. And that's what motivates me is seeing a difference made, making a difference. And that's our motto here: we're teamwork makes a difference," said Sheriff Hodge.

Sheriff Hodge was originally appointed by past National Sheriffs' Association President, Greg Champagne to the position this past March.



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