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Farm to Fork helps Hub City citizens

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Several Hub City citizens were at the train depot Thursday for the Farm to Fork program.

Farm to Fork is designed to help families who are less fortunate have free fresh produce and vegetables to consume for the entire household.

Since 2012, Farm to Fork has delivered almost 64 tons of food to community plan members throughout the state.

Community outreach specialist, Danielle Polk said, "Because we are aware that the price of fresh fruit and vegetables are so high, we also understand for that reason, a lot of our members and a lot of person's period are not able to afford those fresh fruits and vegetables. So by this program, we're allowing them to get that produce and allow them to eat healthy so that way they'll have something they'll be able to utilize to eat healthy, to prepare their meals with healthy and fresh foods. Our mission is to help our person's live healthier lives, so this is what we are doing in order to help them."

There were some complications with the program that day, and members were only able to receive gift cards for the inconvenience.

The next Farm to Fork will be on August 10 at the Hattiesburg Train Depot.

Open enrollment for membership will begin in October.



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