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Laurel Main Street talks to downtown businesses, leisure ordinance in effect

LAUREL, MS. - A leisure ordinance went into effect in Laurel July 1. Laurel City Council approved the ordinance 4-1 last month. It allows residents to carry alcoholic beverages in downtown Laurel.

According to Laurel Main Street Executive Director Judi Holifield the beverage must have a label of one of the downtown businesses.

Holifield said they are working out details with downtown businesses who will welcome or prohibit drinks inside their store.

“We want to talk to them, you know whether they want to have people walk in with a beer or an alcoholic beverage or not" said Holifield.

She continued, "And give them the opportunity to say something, a little bit like no shirt, no shoes, no smoking."

"You know if you do not want it in your business then you got the right and legal opportunity to say no go-cup here" Holifield said.

Officials hope the ordinance will create a downtown economic boom. "An arts and leisure district designation, sets up some opportunities for festivals or small events to happen downtown."

"This is going to attract people to our town, it is going to attract the beginnings of the rebirth of a night life" said Holifield.



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