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Salvation Army teaches vacation bible school out of a truck, building damaged

HATTIESBURG, MS. - The January 2017 E-F3 tornado damaged the Salvation Army's building. Since the tornado the organization has been displaced and working out a large trailer in front of their Thrift Store on Highway 49.

Every year it teaches Vacation Bible School at its location, but this year is different. Officials have to teach out of a truck because their building is still under construction.

Salvation Army Representative Stacey Connelly said they load the truck with supplies, food, and water and visit pockets in the communities.

“Once the roof is finished, then the rest of the building can begin, the work can begin, but we are hoping by Christmas" said Connelly.

Salvation Army officials teach kids about God for two hours a day for the entire week.

Ministry Specialist with Salvation Army, Veronica Fleetwood said,"God has shown me that we are not made of a building, we are the church and the church should be moveable.”

“We get to spend quality time with them seeing songs, scripture verse, biblical songs, stories, and then some crafts" said Connelly.

The organization is literally spreading the word of God. Connelly said she has reached more kids than she has ever expected.

“Even though we are displaced people, we do not have a displaced God" said Connelly.

Fleetwood added, "We want them to get the most out of the relationship with Jesus if they know Him, now we want to shine our Christian light even brighter for Jesus.”

Its a new way of learning, but Connelly said they might just keep this method.

"We have grown just as much as we allowed others the opportunity to learn more about Jesus, I think that is has stretched us as well" said Connelly.

Connelly said they view the tornado as a blessing in disguise. “When you are forced to look at things differently it really opens your eyes"

"So it has given us an opportunity to reach those who perhaps would not have come" said Connelly.

If you would like to help Salvation Army rebuild its site location you can call 601-544-3684.



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