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Players from around the world participate in Women's World Checker Championship, Men's World

PETAL, Miss. - The International Checker Hall of Fame is hosting a world championship event in Petal, which includes 18 players from around the world.

The Women's World Checker Championship and the Men's World Qualifiers are being played in this tournament.

Charles Walker, President of the International Checker Hall of Fame said, "We usually have tournaments like this about every 20 years. I've bid on this one for us, and we have people coming from several parts: about 9 different countries. It gets very intense, and you have to keep them quiet because when they get excited, people get noisy."

Each game takes up to two hours to play.

A win is worth two points. A draw is worth one point. And a loss is worth zero points.

American player, John Webster said, "It's just a lot of fun. We get to meet new people, and they all seem to be real fine people."

Thursday is the last day of the tournament.

The former men's champion is currently in second place and wants to do better so he can win the whole thing Thursday.

Barbados player, Ronald “Suki” King said, "I have to do some work now. I have to go and sit down on the board and try to make up something for tomorrow, because I'm about to play the leaders."

The women's champion will be crowned Thursday night.

The men's qualifying winner will play the world champion sometime in the near future.



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