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School safety tips

LAUREL, Miss. - Kids will be starting school next week.

The Laurel Police Department wants to remind citizens to drive safely, and to be extra cautious when children are present.

Laurel Police Officer, Captain Tommy Cox said, "The speed limits are significantly reduced from the schools. Tickets I imagine are 10-20% more expensive than a regular speeding ticket. And we pay close attention to these school zones during the time children are getting in and out of school."

Captain Cox said people should leave early for work because there will be more traffic when school starts again.

"Do not pass a stopped school bus. If you get caught passing a school bus, you are going to be fined. That's just to make sure it's safe. A couple of extra minutes. I know it's aggravating getting behind a school bus stopping and the kids aren't getting out in a hurry. But you think about that fine or think about potentially running over a kid, and then it's a whole different level of trouble," said Captain Cox.

Police also urge kids to be aware of their surroundings when walking to and from school.

"Parents talk to your kids about staying on the sidewalks, crossing at the crosswalks, crossing where the crossing guards are, and being aware of traffic. And hopefully we can get through the school year without any issues in that regard," said Captain Cox.



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