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Jones Co. Deputies meet with possible car title victims

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - The Jones County Sheriff's Department recently received complaints from hundreds of people who have purchased vehicles from Southeastern Auto Sales in Laurel about the possibility of them being a victim.

Jones County Sheriff, Alex Hodge said, "They were buying vehicles that were not being truly titled to them. Additional leans were being placed on those cars by the owners and employees of that company. So in other words, you may be driving around in a car that you purchased from them and not actually be the owner of the vehicle."

Possible victims were at the Jones County Sheriff's Department's Training Center Tuesday to receive help on verifying the authenticity of their purchase.

"What we've done is ask citizens to come here today, bring all of their documentation here. We're also encouraging people to contact the lending institution that may have financed those vehicles, as well as go by the tag office just to verify your paperwork is straight," said Sheriff Hodge.

Deputies said they have arrested and charged owner of Laurel's Southeastern Auto Sales, Perry Taylor, and employee Casey Pitts last week with racketeering and false pretense for their business.

Deputies will also meet with possible victims Thursday from 8-5 p.m. at the Jones County Sheriff's Department's Training Center.



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