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Locals host a vigil against hate after deaths in Charlottesville

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Local citizens held a vigil at Shoemaker Square at USM Monday to commemorate those who died in Charlottesville, Virginia.

People from across the Pine Belt gathered at the fountain, USM's center area, to recognize the three people who died in the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

City Councilman of Ward One, Jeffery George, says he wants to see a peaceful Hattiesburg in light of the attack.

"I think that people in Hattiesburg have sent out a clear message, that we are not going to stand for things like that.We are a community that rises above all those different issues...we will continue to work together as a community."

George wants to remind people that hate crimes and other related harmful extremism will not be tolerated in Hattiesburg.



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