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Peaceful state flag protest held on USM campus

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Protesters and supporters of the Mississippi state flag held a peaceful demonstration on the campus of University of Southern Mississippi Sunday.

Although, according to police no arrests were made, a war of words was in full view. Hattiesburg and University police were on site to keep citizens safe.

“Mississippi state flag is the official state flag of Mississippi and in 2001, I voted for the flag. Mississippi were given two choices and I voted for that flag, it won by 65 percent.” Steve Miller, Vice Chair of heritage Defense Committee and Delta Flagger, said.

Counter-protestors shared the front of the campus with flag supporters with a few opposing views. “Well the students deserve to come [on] a campus, that does not display what may not always been a symbol of hate,” Veronica Eation, USM student protester supporter said in regards to the state flag.

State flag supporters and counter-protesters each agreed that a vote should be scheduled by state legislators. "If this issue came to a state ballot and if the majority of people in Mississippi voted for a different flag other than the current one, would we accept it? Absolutely," Simpson said.

Eation said the flag is used for intimidation like a weapon, "if the citizens of Mississippi really feel like the flag is something that most of them agree with, put it to a vote. There’s no greater way to show that the people don’t want this than simply putting it to a vote.”



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