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Emergency officials warn citizens of potential flooding

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. - 2-5 inches of rain is expected to hit the Pine Belt until Friday.

Area officials are warning residents of possible flooding this week.

Glen Moore, Forrest County Emergency Management Director said, "If you've been through flash flooding before, it doesn't hurt to have sand bags on hand. We have sand and sand bags here at our office. If a road is barricaded, don't go around that barricade. So many of the water rescues that we deal with is when people go around barricades. So, even if you think the water is not that deep, you're going to try and go around the barricade and do that, don't put yourself, don't put your life in jeopardy. And, also, the first responders that's coming to rescue you. Don't put them in harm's way."

Moore said Forrest County is already 16-20 inches over the annual rain fall this year.



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