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Free art exhibit at Hattiesburg Cultural Center

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg Art Council celebrates Mississippi's Bicentennial with a free art exhibit.

The "Common Ground" art exhibit showcases photography, paintings and mask work from women artists of the Women's Art Collective and South Mississippi Arts League.

"So the common ground is that they’re meeting in one place for the first time with all of their art. Each person from the group brought probably 2 or 3 pieces, and there here right now in the Hattiesburg Cultural Center...," said Rebekah Stark-Johnson, executive director of the Hattiesburg Arts Council.

The exhibit is open Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.

"We had a opening in July that was a big kick off for this year’s events. And so were real excited to have all these women here and to see the feminine artist energy that we have here in the state of Mississippi," Stark-Johnson said.

The exhibit will continue to run until Friday, Sept.1.



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