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HPD adds new officers

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg Police Department (HPD) sworn in two new officers Wednesday, which gives the department a total of 94 officers.

"I'd say character. That's the type of individuals we look for here at the Hattiesburg Police Department. They go through a rigorous process to get hired here," said Anthony Parker, Chief of Hattiesburg Police.

The department hired Patrick Micheal McClain, who transferred from the Birmingham Police Department. And Mitchell Brown, who transferred from the New Orleans Police Department.

"I'm very honored and very pleased to be joining one of the best police departments in the state of Mississippi,” said McClain.

"I feel good, very good about my decision. Coming to a city, new mayor. I feel like everything is moving forward," said Brown.

Both Brown and McClain explained what type of officers they are, and the goals they have.

"I'm a very honest officer and try 100% every day," said Brown.

"A loyalty officer. One of the best I hope to be. And one day, hope to be captain in the next five years. And hopefully one day, I'll be chief," said McClain.

Brown and McClain will have a three-week refresher course where they will learn HPD’s policies and procedures.

Chief Parker will continue to hire officers, as he is looking to have a staff of 120.

"We're trying to build trust within the community. If the community does not trust you as a police officer, you can't go very far," said Chief Parker.

Chief Parker said 15 more people are in the process of becoming officers.

Chief Parker also said the new police station is still in the planning stages of demolition, and hopes the new building will be ready within the next few years.



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