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William Carey Art Museum Back Again

Destruction, reaped the campus of William Carey University. An EF-3 tornado did damage to nearly 10 buildings at the university nine months ago.

One of the buildings hit hard, the Sarah Ellen Gillespie Museum of Art.

"When we came into the museum the morning after the tornado... we immediately had to start loading everything into trucks and trailers to a safe location," the curator of the art museum, Pam Shearer said.

Saving these beautiful pieces of art became an instant priority for the department.

"We were able to save everything, nothing was lost from this collection," Shearer replied.

Fortunate, is one word that describes William Carey's art museum. After, building this museum back up from the ground. The university is finally ready to show off its pieces of art again starting Tuesday.

"Tomorrow we expect our faculty to come out, our students, and our art patrons from the community," Shearer said.

High speeds of wind may have knocked the doors off their hinges, but it couldn't permanently keep these pieces of art off the wall, where they belong.

"Don't waste any more time. Don't say I'll do it next time. Come and see this collection. You don't know what's going to happen between now and the next opportunity," Shearer said.

The opening reception will take place Tuesday at 4:30-6PM. For more information please call (601) 318-6561.



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