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New Transit Routes In Hattiesburg

Your daily commute could change soon. The city of Hattiesburg will be having three public hearings. These hearings will serve as a forum for the public to review a new transit route, which will connect the University of Southern Miss to the routes that already exist within the city.

"So we will be hosting a series of three public hearings and what we will be trying to do is gather information from the students and also from the community at large about where that exact route will appear. The exact footprint of the route," Chief Administrative Officer, Ann Jones said.

The design of the route maybe unclear, but Jones believes that the purpose for it is obvious.

"The ultimate goal of mass transit is to lessen the number of vehicles that are on the roads, but also create transportation opportunities for folks who may not have a car," Jones said.

The route will serves as a way to help connect the university to the city of Hattiesburg, and with more people having access to transportation. Jones believes that this could possibly help the city of Hattiesburg grow economically.

"Anytime that you can connect your retail, with your public, you are going to have positive economic impact for the retail venue," Jones said. "And also to be able to get to those good and services its a win-win for everybody."

Those hearing for the new transit route will take place Nov. 11, 28, and 29. All hearings will start at 6PM. If you are unable to attend these hearings, city hall encourage citizens to email their ideas to city hall.



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