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Drive to Inspire campaign spreads Breast Cancer Awareness in Pine Belt

PINE BELT, Miss. - Forrest General, Toyota of Hattiesburg, and Comcast Spotlight has teamed up for the 2017 Drive to Inspire campaign.

The mission of the campaign is to remind women across the pine belt to make monthly self exams and annual screenings.

To catch people's attention, sponsors are using a pink Toyota to drive around the Pine Belt, the entire month of October.

“As you can see the beautiful pink car behind us, we drive this all over the pine belt for people to sign in honor of a loved one or for themselves to raise awareness for breast cancer,” said Forrest General Hospital Media Coordinator, Amanda Kirby. “Go get your mammograms, go get your self breast exams. Those things are very very important to catch breast cancer early on,”

Forrest General's cancer center urges everyone, including cancer survivors and supporters, to avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight, keeping active and schedule regular screening tests.



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