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PRCC Open House

PRCC could be one of the biggest kept secrets.

"Most of our C.T. programs have been here for well over a decade, some going on two or three decades," PRCC, director of electronics technology, David Collum said. "We still find people who just didn't know we were here in Hattiesburg, so I would say we are kind of a secret sometimes. It shouldn't be though."

Its not hard to see why everyone should know about their program either.

"Our C.T. program has a very high place. My program in particular we have over ninety-five percent job placement. I would like to say everybody that wants a job can get a job, and that's always been true," Collum said.

PRCC's open house showed local business and industry leaders how their hands on program provides students with hands on experience, making sure they are prepared to perform in their job field once they graduate.

"Absolutely, we are usually going to divide our time up. I mean obviously we are going to have some classroom theory, but for every hour we have in the classroom. We try to have two hours of hands on experience," Collum said. "We try to mimic as close as possible to what students would have in the real world, in our labs."

This happens to be one of the many reasons for the program's growth. Increasing its enrollment by 6.3 percent this school year.

"We're just trying make sure the industry and the public knows what all PRCC offers for people hear," Collum said.

For more information about PRCC's program you can visit the school's website at



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