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Mississippi State Treasurer Speaks About Mississippi's Budget

Mississippi State Treasurer, Lynn Fitch spoke at the Jones County Republican Women's brunch Wednesday at noon. The brunch was held at The Gables in Laurel.

During the brunch Fitch addressed the budget cuts that are happening in Mississippi, and as well as what she believes might be the next big topic at the next state legislator's meeting.

"Certainly the budget is going to be an issue, the revenue streams we've been down in collections month over month and so those are going to be issues and challenges... and maybe some opportunities to look at programs," Fitch said. "What is the best fit and how will we proceed in the future? So, certainly the dollar revenue is going to be a highlight. It's going to be an application of how do we then balance the budget and what do we do about deficits and how does the legislator proceeds."

The next state legislator meeting is in January.



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