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Veterans Town Hall Meeting in Petal

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Center and VBA Regional Office held a town hall meeting with veterans Wednesday morning. The meeting served as an open forum for veterans currently receiving benefits and medical care from the VA. Veterans had the chance to learn more about services that the VA provides, but most of all the VA wants these veterans to know that they care. "The men and women that serve for the department of veterans care... that's a very, very, critical point for us, and we are all over the great state of Mississippi," Director of the Department of Veteran Affairs Regional Office (in Jackson, Miss.), Darryl Brady, said. "There are eighty-two countries in this great state and we try very hard to reach out to all of our men and women who served in uniform in all of those counties." Air force veteran, John Clayton appreciates the VA spending time in Petal, Wednesday morning. "It shows that they care," Clayton said. "Back when I got out in seventy-one, I was turned around at the front door. They didn't care about you, but now they are going back to really show that they care."



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