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Sumrall Christmas Angels Decorate The City for a Good Cause

SUMRALL, MISS. - "My father was working the scene of an accident for the Sumrall Volunteer Fire Department, and a drunk driver hit him while he was working the scene and killed him instantly," Lora Beasley said. The angels hanging up in the city of Sumrall represent the memories of loved ones who are no longer here to enjoy the holiday season. "Every year, every year that those angels go up, everybody starts looking and searching for where their loved one is," Sumrall's Christmas angels contributor, Stacy Temple said.

Lora Beasley found her father's angel right on the corner of Pine Street and Center Avenue. About half a block away from the fire station where her father worked as a firefighter, which also is named after Alvin Beasley in honor of his passing during the line of duty. "There are good days, and bad days," Lora Beasley said. "Good moments and bad moments, but God is with me all the time." A sad occasion on such a joyous holiday, but Beasley says it is little things like this angel which warm her heart during the holiday season. "Just to be able to come and feel like he is a part of our holiday season even though he is physically not here physically, his angel is here with us and we can come and remember him here," Beasley said. "Nobody at the loss of a loved one wants to think that anybody forgets about their angels," Temple said. "So, we are so thrilled that the town of Sumrall is making sure that these memories are not lost." Unforgettable memories now parade the streets of Sumrall. These Christmas angels now serve as a reminder of the community's angels, who are now resting in heaven. If you want an angel up in memory of your loved one, contact Sumrall's City Hall to place your order.



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