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Construction worker electrocuted, pronounced dead on job site

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg Police are investigating an accidental death in The District - Midtown construction area that occurred Friday morning.

Authorities have confirmed the death of a 45-year-old male construction worker. According to HPD, there is a possibility the man was working on a live power line in a crane aerial lift. Somehow the live wire touched the man at the time of the accident and killed him.

A witness from the local Subway restaurant in the area said she tried to help the man but there was nothing she could do. “I ran out back and the guy was in the machine unconscious. He was smoking and a few minutes later after that he was on fire,” said Subway Manager, Jozlyn Baker.

First responders arrived at the scene approximately around 9am and firefighters removed the burnt body from the aerial lift. “It was very sad and kind of traumatizing to see somebody instantly die like that right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do,” said Baker.

Right now construction workers are still moving forward at the scene. According to Hattiesburg Police Department this is an ongoing investigation.



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