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Police remind drivers to put away the phone and pay attention

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The recent death of a longtime 74-year-old Hattiesburg business owner has brought light to texting while driving.

According to Hattiesburg police, a 25-year-old Hattiesburg man, Robert Johnson, is charged with homicide while committing a misdemeanor. He was involved in a car crash that killed 74-year-old Robert Popwell, a longtime local business owner.

HPD Spokeswoman, LaTosha Meyers, wants to remind people of the dangers of texting while driving. “There is a charge associated with being reckless when you drive as reckless driving, careless driving...If you’re being reckless taking risks, texting, face-timing, snap chat, taking pictures, selfies while you are driving – that is considered to be reckless and that is a misdemeanor charge,” said Meyers.

Meyers stated texting and driving is an issue everywhere but putting away the phone is a simple way to prevent accidents from happening.



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