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Mississippi Legislative Session Coming Soon

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The 2018 Mississippi Legislative session is just a few days away. State Senator, Joey Fillingane says there are a lot of topics on the table to be discussed, such as the state budget, having a state lottery, and whether the state should change its flag. However, Senator Filligane says the biggest topic could affect the medical community. “The Medicaid issue will certainly rise up… We plan on taking it up this year,” Fillingane explained. “That’s a bill where all the doctors' reimbursement rates to accept Medicaid are set. The hospital rates are adjusted or set, which raise money for the Medicaid program. Also, pharmacists that get reimbursed for drugs for patients who are on Medicaid... those rates are set so nearly everyone in the medical community of the state has an interest in that particular bill.” This could affect a lot of Mississippians, being that one of every four Mississippians depend on the Medicaid program.



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