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City and Emergency Management Officials prepare for wintry mix

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Beginning Sunday night Pine Belt residents will experience temperatures dropping as low as 23 degrees.

“South Mississippi usually has a two or three day cold snap. Then it’s usually over with and it goes back to 60 degrees the next day or so, but this is going to be kind of a prolonged event. The temperatures are going to be extremely cold all the way through this coming weekend.” said Director of Emergency Management District, Glenn Moore.

Hattiesburg Public Works Division Manager, Colton Hill says the city will administer rock salt and sand to the city’s busiest streets for safe traveling.

“What the rock salt is going to do is make the freezing temperature of the water on the bridge a much lower temperature. It would normally freeze around 32 degrees but now it would freeze around 15 degrees. If the temperature were to get any lower, we’re going to be administering or applying sand to the bridges to increase traction. Also, to degrees those risks of vehicular traffic from slipping, going out of control or hydroplaning,” said Division Manager (Traffic) at Hattiesburg Public Works, Colton Hill.

Due to freezing temperatures, warm shelter will be available for use to those in need.

“The Forrest County 361 shelter, the Forrest County Board of Supervisors along with the Salvation army is partnering with our office to give people in need a warm place to go to during the storm. It’s going to open up on 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and it will remain open until 8 o’clock Tuesday morning. Since temperatures are not going to really get above freezing Monday. Then Tuesday night through Friday night it will open at 5pm and then will close at 8 o’clock the following morning.” said Moore.

Officials said this is the time to keep others in mine like the elderly, who may be more hesitant to ask for help.

“If you don’t have your pipes slated or wrapped you very well could have broken pipes. If you live in a house on a raised foundation it’s a good idea to keep your water dripping. Another thing that is important is your vehicles. You want to make sure there is some anti-freeze in your car. If you have a lawnmower or a tractor or any vehicle, make sure anti-freeze levels are adequate.” Moore stated.



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