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Shelter Being Provided at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center due to Weather

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Low temperatures are starting to become a concern for some residents across the Pine Belt. Members of the homeless community, as well as other residents in the Pine Belt without heat, are being urged visit the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center in Hattiesburg to stay warm. The Emergency Management Agency in Hattiesburg along with the Salvation Army, opened the doors for shelter at the Multi-Purpose Center to protect residents from the cold temperatures, and the center be could be open a little longer than they originally planned.

“Right now, the Forrest County safe room 361 shelter is open. We have a heated place for anyone to come stay that needs a place,” Forrest County Emergency Management’s employee, Chip Brown said. “Temperatures are going to be way below freezing again tonight, probably in the teens as they were last night and the shelter will remain open.” Brown said the shelter will be open 24 hours until 8AM, Wednesday morning. After 8AM Wednesday, officials hope that temperatures rise enough to where they can close the shelter, and reopen it again at 5PM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also, the Jones County Emergency Management Agency wants residents to know that the Salvation Army in Laurel is open as well, and is providing shelter as well.



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