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Tips for Getting Fit in 2018

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - It’s the start of 2018, and lot people are making a resolution that centers around putting the desserts down and lowering their carbs, in an attempt to get fit as part of their New Year’s resolution for 2018. “I think for a lot of people, it's kind of starting over,” Ashley McCaffery, the general manager of One80 Fitness said. “You know, you get a chance to do things better.”

As a result, many see 2018 as the start of new beginnings. “It's easy to make resolutions but it's hard to follow through on them,” Andrew Wooten, a member of One80 Fitness and former collegiate soccer player said. Two of the most common resolutions many Americans break are eating healthy and exercising more. “I mean we can always adjust and do better... I can do better myself,” McCaffery said. However, you have to take one simple step. “Get a program in place… decide where you want to go and start small,” McCaffery said. “Don't just go for a huge leap.” “It's important to be realistic,” Wooton echoed. “You have to cater to whatever you do for your life, and just be able to sustain it.” Not sustaining, these kinds of goals are what caused many people to fall short in the past, which is often because many people set their mark too high. “People tend to get out of it, people tend to lose focus and motivation,” McCaffery explained. “You can always think about having a buddy system set in place. Someone to come to the gym with you… keep you motivated and keep you excited.” “I was told a long time ago, the definition of discipline is remembering what you really want, and I think that's what a resolution is... trying to be more disciplined,” Wooten explained. A common theme centered around persistence and self-discipline holds the keys to actually keeping one of the most broken new year's resolutions.



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